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Your Inner Tarot

On-line Tarot Readings for
Well-Being and Spiritual Growth

We honour the following code to provide high quality, ethical services to you, our clients:

1. We provide Tarot advice as responsibly and accurately as possible.

2. Our advice is without judgement, in the best interests of you, the client, but does not imply 100% accuracy.


3. Readings may make reference to legal and medical issues, but we will not to give specific financial, legal, psychological, or medical advice.
Always seek local professional advice before undertaking major life-changing decisions.

4. We respect your privacy and offer a confidential service.


5. We respect the free will of all individuals and will not offer to influence others against their will, such as promising to bring a person to love them.


6. We provide services to persons eighteen years or over only, unless permission is given by a parent or guardian.