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Within 24 hours of payment (often sooner), you shall receive a link to download personalised Tarot advice as a pdf in your inbox. The three card Tarot reading will seek to provide simple, quick advice for your issue. You will receive a message from the Tarot oracle as well as our interpretation and any advice. This will be a paragraph of text with an image of the cards. If you are facing serious issues, then please consult a qualified professional to help.

Specifically the steps will be on receipt of payment:

(1) Professionally prepare the Tarot reading space so we can focus our energies on your well-being.

(2) Shuffle the Tarot deck with you being the focal point.

(3) Select three 'random' cards for reading.

(4) Prepare a personalised reading the Tarot cards selected. Your reading will not be computer generated.

(5) Prepare a pdf document with our report of your reading. We shall send a link to your inbox for downloading that will be available for one month after the reading. Our document will include images of the cards selected.

I am required to state all readings are for entertainment purposes only. For medical advice please consult your doctor. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that you are 18 years or older.

When ordering...

I shall need from you:

- Any background details about the situation to focus my reading for you.

This information can be placed in the note box while ordering. All information will be treated in strictest confidence.

Extract from a recent reading...

"But the hard work has paid off. The Empress card presents a vision of abundance and career security. It also indicates you have resourcefulness and creativity necessary for embarking and any project you desire.. Furthermore these qualities are both critical factors for starting a new business, which is ultimately a “leap of faith”. The Empress is a very positive card of strength and resourcefulness.

The future direction is interesting with The Hermit. This card is all about healing and self-exploration - a time out to consider options. In work, it means taking a different approach. There is a suggestion you may even meet someone as a mentor, who will inspire you to follow a different path. Both this card and The Empress suggest the time is right to consider self-employment. As always it is essential to do all due diligence with business planning and professional advice."

Recent client feedback...

"Your readings are so in depth and detailed. It's easy to see how connected you feel with the seeker and with your intuition. You are going to help many people!!" Michelle

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