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Creating a Tarot Reference Chart

Posted on 28 December, 2019 at 14:10

Opinion: learning the Tarot, then here is one approach: build your own quick reference cards (but not copying others;). Create a series of tables with columns and here are some suggestions.

MAJORS: number, full name, primary keyword (as a "mental trigger"), brief description of the message upright & reversed

SUITS: name, primary action (e.g. feel for Cups), other keywords

MINOR NUMBERS: number, common meanings

MINOR COURTS: name, four columns for each suit, then fill in your interpretation of each combination

MINOR PIPS (1-10): similar to Courts.

SYMBOLS: most common symbols used and their meanings

COLOURS: most common colours used and their meanings

CARD COMBINATIONS: a list of card combinations you want to remember.

Then review and revise over and over again. Treat them as living documents and keep them with you for exercises in Facebook groups.

Hope that helps

Addition to avoid any confusion: one immediate criticism is the recommendation of a primary keyword I mentioned above. It would be a mistake to limit the range of meanings to one word. You miss too much. I use a keyword as a mental trigger to a wider network of related ideas. If that makes you uncomfortable then use multiple keywords.

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