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How does my life looking when moving to help my father?

Posted on 14 August, 2019 at 1:30


Treat this reading as worthwhile and useful Entertainment Only and seek local professional advice for legal, financial, psychological, medical, and relationship issues. While reading the interpretation and advice, please remember you have control of and responsibility for your actions.

Purpose of the Reading

This reading is to encourage insightful reflection on your situation. Hopefully you ‘see’ things that otherwise would be hidden. The reading makes no special attempt to predict future events, as you are the one to take charge of life.

Your journey is completely yours. It is unique. Others may try to steal part of it, tell it in their words or shape it to suit them. Reality is no one can live it or own it but you. Take charge of your journey, it's yours and yours alone!” Kemi Sogunle

Interpretation of the Tarot cards

I read the cards as saying that you have learnt (past) the value of applying skills with hardwork to do what was necessary. But this hasn't been erratic but carefully able to harmonise completing needs.

(Magician - skill; King of Pentacles - perseverance; Temperance - moderation, blending)

Currently (present) you are driven to achieve a real sense of well-being, financial success, and happiness through great hope fueled by strong determination. THis is a reading of real strength to succeed to make life better for yourself and other around you.

(Sun - Well-being; Star - Bright expectations; Nine of Wands - Tremendous power)

Looking forward (future) you are seeking the abiility and time to achieve better understanding and balance between practical concerns and matters of the spirit. You are prepared for the necessary changes or transformations with your usual sense of git and determination.

(Hanged Man - Delay and reflection; Death - Change and transformation; Queen of Wands - Courageous)

By Alex McCullie

Useful Background Information

Reading Theme(s)

Continued determination to be successful but making more time for personal growth - financially and spiritually.

Moral Message(s)

Continue striving for happiness and spiritual well-being

Useful Questions for Reflection

What light is shining for you?

What are the demands of your destiny? What is being asked of you?

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